History and Glory of AHOBILAM and Narasimha Swamy – A Brief Story

“Sahasra Seersham devam viswaksham viswasambhuvarn viswam narayanam deva makshararn paramam padam” (upanisat)

They looked like small children and since Sriman Narayana was along with Lakshmi at that particular moment, Jaya entrance. The sages got angry and cursed Jaya and Vijaya that they would he horn on the earth as cruel asuras. Jaya and vijaya were gretely disheartened. The Lord told them that they therefore cannot but suffer the consequences of the curse. Since they had only discharged their duties and since they were His attendants, the Lord told them that they would be born as asuras would not suffer all the severe consequences of the course, that though they would he born as asuras, they would enjoy all wealth mid prosperity and lat finally they would obtain relief at His hands. He told them that they would be first born as the sons of Sage Kasyapa through Diti as Hiraliyakasha and Hiranyakasyapu, that he would manifest himself as Lord Varaha and Lord Narasimha and destroy them.

As consequence of this, Jaya and Vijaya were born as Hiranyaaksha and Hiranyakasipu. The Lord assumed the form of Sveta Varaha and killed Hiranyaaksha. He consoled his mother that he would take revenge on Sri man Narayana who was responsible for the death of his younger brother. Hiranyakasipu withdrew to the Gandhamaadana mountain and underlook a severe penence. The penance created fear in the minds of all the people who were a witness to it. Flames proceeded from his body. None could remain anywhere there. At the time.Lord Brahma reached the place of penance and asked Hiranyakasipu to seek any boon. Hiranyakasipu prayed that he should not meet his death at the hands of gods, men, asuras, planets, stars, sages, mountains, animals, birds, insects or meet his death due to the use of weapons like sword, sticks etc., that he should not meet the death on the earth or on the sky, during the daytime or during the night time. Lord Brahma conferred this boon. Hiranyakasipu became the Emperor of the Daityas and ensured that all the gods, sages etc., became his subordinates. He went on a tour of victory all over the Universe and ensured that no portion of the “Havis” was allocated to the gods and that everything was appropriated by him only. The entire gods approached Lord Vishnu, hymned him and submitted to him their piteous condition. The Lord appeared before them and told them that he was aware of all the evil deeds of. Hiranyakasipu.

When Hiranya Kasipu Entering for Penance, the god of Indra even sought to seize the queen, Prahlada’s mother Narada the celestial Sage, had come thereby change, dissuaded Indra from seizing Prahlada’s mother stating that in her womb, in the form of an embryo, was growing a child who was going to be a great devotee of the Lord and therefore the queen mother should be left alone. Indra accepted the advice and returned to heaven. Narada took Prahlada’s mother to his hermitage and asked her to wait till Hiranyakasipu returned from his severe penance. She waited upon the sage with supreme devotion. The sage in turn imparted the essence of religion, the devotion to be paid to the Lord Vishnu, and the discrimination which should be exercised was in the womb, was able to acquire all this knowledge. He advised the asura boys that exclusive devotion to Lord Govinda alone in the highest of men in this world.

Prahlada was born to queen Leelavathi. He was extremely devout child and was extremely pious. Hiranyakasipu selected Sukracharya, the Acharya of the asura, to impact appropriate education to Prahlada. On hearing lord hari words of his son, expressing supreme faith in Lord Vishnu who was his sworn enemy, Hiranyakasipu laughed and chilled teachers stating that, the intellect and mind of the young child would appear to be prevented by others with an evil intent. He directed them to correctly educate the child on the right lines. The two Acharyas submitted the PRAHLADA was repeating something which had not been taught by been either of them or anyone else and that the blame should not be laid at their doors.

Hiranyakasipu, who by now was blinded by and anger threw Prahlada from his lap on to the ground and directed his attendants that Prahlada should at once be killed as he deserved to die. He said it was Vishnu who was responsible for the death of his brother Hirayaaksha and that Prahlada indeed is a vile fellow as he was worshipping the feet of Lord Vishnu who had played Prahalda’s uncle. He told the attendants that an inimical son should be shunned as a disease. He ordered that Prahlada should be got rid of by all possible means, by being poisoned or by killing him when he was asleep or was sitting unguarded etc.

Based on the commands of the asura, the demons who were followers of Hiranyakasipu struck Prahlada with their spears, spikes, sharp instruments etc. All these proved to be of no avail against. Prahlada, whose entire mind was concentrated on worshipping the divine,. The asura tried various other methods, as he felt greatly alarmed that his attendants were unable to immediately destroy Prahlada. He directed that Prahlada be Crushed by elephants, be bitten by snakes, be destroyed with the help of magical spells or be hurled down from great heights, by being confined in vaces or by being exposed to winds, forest fire, floods, etc. When nothing happened, the asura became deeply anxious.

The asuras, who had thrown Prahlada in to the ocean after typing him, up with a noose of servants, were most surprised and angrily summoned Prahlada. Hiranyakasipu drew out his terrible sword Chandrahaasa and after waving the sword at Prahlada angrily asked him. “Where is your Vishnu? O fool let him save you today. You declare that Vishnu pervades the entire Universe. Now tell me, why he does not exist in this pillar? In case, I find your Vishnu in this pillar, I would not kill you. Otherwise I will cut you pieces. Prahlada remembered the words of the Supreme Lord and meditated upon Lord Vishnu.”

When Hiranyakasipu Struck the pilalr angrily with his fist, a huge gigantic body with wide expansive eyes, a terrible face with projecting tusks, endowed with a militude of elongated terms, huge nails and monstrous fell, with a mouth stretching as far of the end of the earth, and a face blazing like a destructive fire and deluge, emerged from the pillar. This Man Lion took three strides, exterminated all the asuras present in the assembly hall. The asura king have a command to the 80,000 soldeirs his to come forward weapons and attack the Man Lion. All these destroyed by the Man Lion.

By this time, evening had set in by the time of twilight, the Man Lion, who had great prowess, forcibly caught hold of Hiranyakasipu and at the entrance of the assembly hall, laid the asura on his things and using his Pointed nails like a weapon, tore apart the huge chest of the asura king. At the time the Lord placed Hiranyakasipu on his things, the asura king wondered that when he fought Indra, even the tusks of Airaavata, the king Elephant of Indra, could not manage to injure him in the chest, that the battleaxe of Lord Shiva had been blunted in collision with his chest, but now the nails of the Man Lion could easily tear apart his huge expansive chest. He conducted “when fate is averse, there is disagreed and dishonor even from a straw “I the Man Lion split open the chest of asura king just as an elephant would tear lotus to pieces. The parts of the body were not longer visible as they were hidden in the cavities of the nails of the Lord. When the mortal body of Hiranyakasipu was no more to be seen, the Lord Himself wondered as to where the asura king had gone. The Man Lion forcibly shook the hands; when from Out of the cavities of the nails of Lord Narsimha, fell the parts of the parts of the body of the asura king. The lord laughed boisterously. Brahma and other gods rained flowers and adorned the Man Lion, All the gods who had gathered there exclaimed.

“Ahobilyam Ahosowyam A hobaaba Karrakramam
Narasimham param daivam Ahobihun Ahobilam”

What strength! What great Strength! or Ahobilam’. Hence this piligrim centre is known as Ahobilam as well as Ahobilam.